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Does your website suck? If it's costing you more money than it should and if it is not making money for you then the answer is "yes - it most certainly does!"

If you are reading this because you have received and read our recent 'flyer' then you will know that the 'flyer' is aimed at helping those who may not even know that they are getting a raw deal from their current website provider and are not maximising the full potential of the worldwide web.

If you have had a website for a number of years then it probably runs slowly and doesn't do very well in search engines such as Google or Yahoo (which help direct customers to your website rather than a rival's website). The design is probably outdated too.

It may have been created as a "business card" which basically describes a website that looks nice but does nothing! That was not really much use several years ago, let alone now!

Older websites generally don't have the capability for you to update the content yourself and so you have to pay someone (the designer or the company that first built the site) to update it for you.


Nowadays, the best websites contain a Content Management System (CMS for short) which does away with the need for these so-called 'experts' to 'manage' your site.

If you don't have a site with CMS then your current website provider won't tell you about CMS because making minor changes to your site and charging you for doing that is  a "nice little earner" for them!

With our easyWeb CMS, you can easily add copy and pictures, create pages, add menu buttons and upload photos yourself. You are in complete control - it's as easy as clicking a mouse!

In addition, website companies love to charge their clients all sorts of extra fees every year - an annual 'copyright fee' or 'licence fee' or even so-called ongoing 'maintenance fees' as they are often called - because it's money for doing nothing!

You will have to pay hosting charges for someone to store your site on a server for your customers to access, but if you are paying for anything else then you are definitely paying too much for your website.


Simply put, if you recognise any of the scenarios mentioned here then your website definitely sucks!

If you are reading this and don't have a website yet then please get in touch with us for more information about the many ways we that can help you, including our brand new low-cost package called easyWeb Connect.

easyWeb connect is perfect for those who need a simple site or are taking their first steps in the world of the web, have a limited budget, or are just not convinced of the need to invest in a website at all but feel they should have some sort of web presence!

Whilst easyWeb connect is a basic package and costs less than our usual easyWeb sites, there is still plenty in it to make it worthwhile and you will still be avoiding all of the rip-offs that we have highlighted here.

It is easy and inexpensive for us to add new features and capabilities to your easyWeb connect site as and when you see fit but all the time you still manage and edit the site yourself.

If you now know that your website sucks or you are new to the world of the web, then don't delay - Contact Us today!