February 26, 2024

I take heed to means an excessive amount of information. I really feel if I do not, I am going to miss the Second Coming, spreading Tsunami, in coming meteor, rising soften water from glaciers, a photo voltaic flare that may fry me, alien invasion or subsequent terror assault that has been promised for the previous 4 years. Since I do not need to miss this stuff, I take heed to means an excessive amount of information.

Beause I take heed to means an excessive amount of information, I do know means an excessive amount of about beheadinigs and bullet riddled our bodies. I do know means an excessive amount of about automobile bombs and physique elements mendacity round. A number of days in the past they discovered a couple of dozen heads in bins in Iraq. That is no approach to get forward in battle. I want I did not learn about that, however I do. It makes me surprise the place the remainder of them went. I solely know these things as a result of I watch and take heed to means an excessive amount of information.

I do know too many darn opinions about means an excessive amount of stuff. I used to take heed to Limbaugh, however I do not assume he believes himself typically and O’Reilly is simply means too offended, sensible assed and repressed for my style, however I learn about these guys, as a result of I take heed to means an excessive amount of information. I did hear a couple of issues…within the information about their private lives, and that was fairly cool to know they are not as righteous as they’d have me imagine. I discovered that on the the information. I take heed to means an excessive amount of you recognize. I take heed to Air America. Now that is a fairly newsy bunch if ever there was one. I like them. They scare the hell out of me, however I like them. They are saying all the things about authorities and this administration that each one the opposite information I examine them makes me assume. They make me really feel that the ideas I’ve about about all the opposite information I examine is at the very least regular. At the least I do not really feel so alone in my response to all of the information I learn means an excessive amount of of.

I do know means an excessive amount of about Politicians, particularly Republican ones that love Jesus a lot, a few of them appear to like making battle increasingly so he can return or one thing it appears. They make love too, however appear to typically get caught doing it with the improper folks and even the improper intercourse. Yikes, however sincere, I learn it within the information. I learn Mrs. Bush moved out of the Whitehouse just lately as a result of Mr. President was goofin round with…effectively, others. Wow, that is fairly darn huge information. Did not see it on Fox or AOL although, so perhaps it isn’t information, or perhaps it’s however not information for the lots, who is aware of? Some information tells me I will not see this information on the information as a result of they will not make it information, so I suppose we lose. Gosh, the information even tells me that this President may not even be the actual President and that so many individuals had their vote thrown out, OK Democratic voters did. Now that might be miserable, however appears true to me. I hear it’s true, from the information, twice!

Due to the information, I do know means an excessive amount of about CEO’s who take means an excessive amount of from everybody else to complement themselves. I imply a LOT of them do. The information fills me in on how a lot Congressmen and Reps take from the general public until, however CEO’s are getting fairly darn good at it too. I see it within the information. Million greenback birthday events, retirements that make God jealous since now he would not personal all of the cattle on a thousand hills in spite of everything. That former CEO does! Or at the very least he can. Smirking chimps all, as a result of they at all times appear so sorry AFTER they get caught, and so shocked as a result of they’re soooooo harmless, however I simply wager if nobody seen, they’d not be sorry a bit and take some extra. However then at the very least later, we would have extra information. I learn within the information the place Enron simply did not hand out the facility they mentioned they did not have, however did and obtained huge bucks from previous folks in California attempting to maintain heat or cool…I overlook which. Made me kinda mad. These guys went to jail, however I hope we do not learn within the information that their greatest pal, Mr. President, pardons them or one thing on his means out the door. I learn within the information he can do this. It issues me as a result of I additionally learn that when the President left Texas as Governor and was requested who would clear up after all of the injury he did, he mentioned it was not his drawback. I hope I do not learn he mentioned that once more when he go away workplace this time. I wager he does. I learn within the information as soon as that folks do not change a lot of their lives and what they have been they nonetheless are for essentially the most half.

Why do I do that to myself…you recognize, studying and listening to all of the information and opinions in regards to the information and the folks within the information who make the information and want the information by no means discovered them? What number of heads in bins do I actually need to learn about or squashed people in earthquakes? I’ve to say, I’m frightened that if I do not sustain with the information, I am going to miss the actually huge one, no matter that is perhaps. I attempted as soon as to not watch or take heed to the information or the opinions the massive boys have about it, but it surely did not work. I obtained nervous not understanding what I used to be lacking. I learn within the information as soon as the place they need us to be nervous in regards to the information as a result of worry makes think about controlling us and altering all the foundations so we do not have the identical freedoms we had earlier than they made us afraid. Gosh, I am unable to win with this information factor! Now I even learn information about why the information is the best way it’s!
I learn as soon as the place what I believed was information was actually not. It was extra like a authorities commercial that was made to appear like information. However they obtained caught. I noticed that on the information.

Properly, I suppose it is information, information, information, till we puke or at the very least till Jesus comes again and shuts down the presses and makes us all go to the church of another person’s selection so we will be completely happy. I learn the place then we would should go by Bible guidelines and stone our rebellious children and ladies who have been naughty and tithe to the chosen leaders of God. It will be like Jesus Land however for our personal good and homosexual folks and whoremongers, however not WARmongers, (what’s a monger?) would get slain and we might solely watch stuff like Oklahoma and Nemo finds Noah…and and and..oh by no means thoughts, I learn in regards to the rapture within the information and I’m hoping that at the very least that may get these folks out of right here so we will repair the stuff they broke. I am scaring myself once more with stuff I learn within the information. I am respiratory laborious once more..I gotta take a stroll. Gosh, I hope if I’m blown up or gassed by some terrorist whereas out strolling, they at the very least get my title proper. I learn on the information the place they blended up two accident victims…doh…see what I imply!